The Burj Al Arab and Kapoor’s art

The iconic luxury six-star sail-shaped hotel, symbol of Dubai, hosts an exhibition for the first time in 22 years, with unseen works by the artist Anish Kapoor. No longer a wonderful unfathomable fortress, now the most exclusive super-luxury hotel in the world increases the offer for its guests and at the same time opens up to dialogue with the public, involving above all contemporary art lovers. The works of Anish Kapoor, British-Indian sculptor and conceptual artist, on view at the Dubai solo show are in perfect harmony with the Burj Al Arab’s architecture, entering into an intimate relationship with the exterior and interior. Kapoor’s sculptural works, with their abstract biomorphic forms, establish an intimate synergy with visitors changing according to different points of view. A unique visual and sensory experience.

Shiny, mirroring surfaces; rich colours; pure shapes that seem to defy gravity, depth, and the very limits of perception; plays of transparencies that come into harmony with the surrounding nature, reacting to light, sky, to the expanse of the Arabian Gulf sea on which opens the large window of the temporary exhibition space entrusted to Galleria Continua.

The idea of the pop-up gallery is a gradual way to get closer to Dubai “It’s a new adventure. We want to arrive on tiptoe. The place is magical, we are in a building that is an icon of Dubai -tells me Lorenzo Fiaschi, Director and Co-founder of Galleria Continua- The idea is to stay, but we do not give certainties, because we also want to feel good in a context that is important and in which so many differences coexist “. Galleria Continua does not yet have its own permanent exhibition space in Dubai but has been participating in the two main artistic events in the United Arab Emirates for 15 years: Art Dubai and Abu Dhabi Art. Let’s find out more about the works on view at the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah hotel and about new turning point given to the hotel that has redefined the concept of extra-luxury hospitality in the world.  Continua a leggere