Art In The Zoom Age

Intensive Care Units is artist Sandro Kopp’s exhibit in Vienna. Emotions, self perception, Zoom video calls, in the “selfie society”. A journey into contemporaneity, through faces, gazes, moments, places, that is both introspection and a play of reflections. On the background, the changes that the pandemic brought to our lives. At the Sammlung Friedrichshof Stradtraum German-New Zealand painter Sandro Kopp exhibits three works that articulate in different ways the concept of authentic dialogue with subjective reality. In a world dominated by photography, where images are the result of lenses and are the product of a digital eye, and technology becomes so pervasive, the subjective vision should be recovered. To do this, there is no other way than the artistic gesture.

“Tiredness, bad lighting, being hungover, and emotions definitely, everything fits into a far more layered and rounded experience of reality” Sandro Kopp tells me, and this is what we can see in his artworks on show in Vienna. “Photography has become so ubiquitous in our existence, I myself realise that it has become almost an extension of my brain, of my neuronal network – Sandro explains to me – Psychologically we are relying on a mediated lens-based image more and more as a kind of representation of not even reality but of our perception. We think that a camera picture is our perception, but it is not”. Let’s go and see the three body of works on show in this exhibition at the Sammlung Friedrichshof Stadtraum, which can be visited till the end of July.  Continua a leggere