Inside a Van Gogh painting

You can walk into alive Vincent Van Gogh paintings in Dubai. Infinity Des Lumières provides such a new, immersive experience at the Dubai Mall. Is this immersive experience going to be the future of art? Experts are wondering why living Vincent Van Gogh paintings are increasingly gaining ground. Currently, there are at least two ongoing exhibitions in New York similar to that on show in Dubai. Purists turn up their nose, but the main point is: will these initiatives strengthen art? The general public cling to these out of any classic standard exhibits because in the selfie society any chance to share the most spectacular moment on social media is not to be missed. 

The experience at Infinity Des Lumières, the largest digital art center in the Middle East, is not without such indulgence, not surprisingly suggesting every once and again photogenic spots for best ever selfies. You can even find a room full of mirrors with the ubiquitous spot where to take the perfect selfie. These exhibitions seem to bring closer to art people who would not otherwise be even driven by the desire to enter a museum or a gallery. Music and animations do the rest, making painting accessible and attractive, expanding its imaginative power. If these immersive digital experiences deserve a credit, it’s because they contribute to making art accessible for a general audience, tweaking it to 21st century communication, with technology and innovation increasingly becoming a cultural paradigm.

Digital art galleries like these do not replace museums and original artworks, with their depth and materiality. They represent instead a different consumption of art, all experiential, intended for an audience used to interacting with technology. Being immersed in famous paintings is what people want to experience, a result achieved with high-resolution image animations projected on giant screens. Let’s go and see how digital art galleries work, some of the most evocative images and what are the other exhibitions currently on show at the Infinity Des Lumières digital gallery in Dubai.  Continua a leggere